A Promising Partnership in Jinja – Uganda

Coped: Hope Smiles – Uganda

The team in Uganda you empower through your support has established a replicable, sustainable clinical model that has the potential to transform lives through quality, compassionate dental care around the entire world. The efficacy of the programs you support and the individual stories of transformation are being recognized by people and organizations worldwide as simple, effective, and innovative! Know that through Hope Smiles, you are changing the world. You are making a difference. Through Hope Smiles, you bring light and hope into the darkness and chaos of so many lives. Thank you.One of our priorities for this year is to increase the scope of our outreach and ambassadors. We are partnering with other NGOs to implement our revolutionary mobile outreach program to provide quality, consistent, compassionate dental care to villages and schools with zero previous access to dental care. Our first partnership in early February was with Vision for Africa on a remote peninsula of Lake Victoria. Swiss dentist, Dr. Rainer Bliefert, was so impressed with the team our donors have created that he wants to implement our mobile outreach program in two other schools in the district. We have our first Hope Smiles Ambassador from Switzerland!



The second focus for this year is adding operational capacity in our Jinja dental center. We welcome specialists to come and spend a week with us to enhance the skills of our Ugandan dentists. We are always looking for people like Dr. Anil Idiculla and Dr. Sheldon Salins, who initiated orthodontic treatment at our Jinja dental center. Because of them our team now provides orthodontic treatment to over 100 kids who otherwise would not have braces — which also contributes to the financial sustainability of our work. Specifically, we are looking for dentists who want to share their expertise in dental implants!



Thank you for partnering with us! We are so grateful!

Dr. Ryan Shinska
Director, Hope Smiles Uganda

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